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Group Info

MotherRP-DA is a deviantART club dedicated to the roleplaying of characters from Nintendo game series Mother, or as it is known in the United States, EarthBound. We generally encourage potential participants to sign up as a canon character from one of the three games, but we do accept fan-made characters as well. We're an affiliate of :iconrp-da:

Disclaimer: We, the members of deviantART, do not own any rights on the characters of use (with the exception of Fan Characters). The Mother series belongs to Nintendo and shall rightfully be credited when need be.

Assemble Centers
DeviantART chatroom You can note people or several people if you want to invite them to the chatroom!
Takamin Paintchat
iScribble We have a private server, if you want to be part, note either one of the Admins or the club!
Founded 8 Years ago
Nov 4, 2008


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89 Members
177 Watchers
32,283 Pageviews
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Joining, Rules, and RP Terms!

:bulletyellow::? How to join!:bulletyellow:
1. Choose a character from the remaining characters list nearby!
3. Send us a note (please type a subject like "Application: Ness" to help us keep track of the notes) filling out the form below:

a) Which character do you want?: (ocs; what is your character name?)
b) Why do you want to role-play as this character?:
c) Do you really think that you can role-play this character?:
d) Show me! please write a monologue of at least 5 sentences. The subject can be anything, as long as it's not a speech about the said character(please see 'Monologue help' for more on this!):
e) How many times a week you think you could check your comments?:
f) Do you agree with the rules? (Yes/No):
g) Do you have any ideas and/or questions concerning the character you wish to role-play as?:
h)(Canons only!) What password do you want your character to have as a log in? (Please do not change this without noting us.)
i) (oc's only!) explain a bit about your character, at least a paragraph; we need to know how they are like!
j) (oc's only!) name the canon character(s) you have been rping! (see #1 in the oc rules for more info)

:bulletgreen:Monologue help::bulletgreen:

Monologues are the hardest part of the application to some, whether it be the typing of the topic itself.
1. remember that monologues are not a history lesson! While it's interesting to talk about such things, you should try to focus on HOW you will be rping the character.
2. You can type in two styles; style one uses asterisks (ex: *he looks over at the girl, frowning* Who are you, again?) and the other uses quotations. (ex He looks over at the girl, frowning. "who are you again?"
3. be creative with the topic you place the character in!
3.wait until you get two approvals from us; then will give you the permission to make an account or supply you with one (if the said canon already has an account.) :>
4. If you lack an avatar, either make one or we can supply you with one!
5. Canons NEED to give us the password for the accounts, or update them if they change them. this so we can have less accounts to have left about (and having to make another 'Lucas' account would be silly!)
6. Have fun in the rp!


:bulletblue:General rules::bulletblue:
1. Accounts must be visible! This is so we can tell if your account is active or not (if it's invisible, we'll note you to change it, or we'll take the account away!)
2. NO CHATSPEAK. This is because we don't want to figure out what you are saying, and it's downright irritating. Also, try not to rp in one word sentences (ex: saying 'ok' for every response.)
3. Do not godmod, or overpower your character; this is unfair to the rp!
4. Don't overuse the emoticon/plz accounts in the chatroom, or we'll have to ban them again.
5. Pairings are nice and open to all types! (info on the rules for canonxoc parings in the oc rule section.)

:bulletpurple:Journal and Art rules::bulletpurple:
1. If you are going on Hiatus, you must write either a journal announcing this or note us! This is so we can know who's on hiatus when we do the rollcall.
2. speaking of journals, please don't write journals that aren't related to the rp! (basically, journals that are all in ooc and aren't hiatus journals.) you can do it on your non-rp account.
3. art must be mother rp oriented, of course! otherwise, it's very open and free as to what you draw.

:bulletpink:Canon rules::bulletpink:
1. Stay in character; pretty self explanatory.
2. Remember to log on at least once a week! THIS means logging in, and USING the account; don't 'save' accounts simply because!
3. You can be up to three characters; either three minor canons, or a mix of one major and two minors.

:bulletred:Oc rules::bulletred:
1. You can only make an account after you've roleplayed a canon for a month. This is so we can figure out how active you really will be.
2. Don't act like you know everyone; people like Ness don't know you, and you shouldn't know him. The only exception is if the oc is related to another oc in the rp in some way (friend, family member, and so on. )
3. Try not to make them cliche! the mother world is one with a variety of people and creatures, so feel free to let your imagination soar. Just don't make them TOO much like something else (like a Claus look a like or a girl that acts like Paula (with a bonus of having a frying pan for weapon!....just, NO.) )
4. The oc accounts are a bit more relaxed when it comes to activity, but we still urge you to log in once a week.
5. CanonXoc parings must be realistic, and should be started by the canon; OCs that have a love for a canon from the start is not allowed.
6. You are allowed to apply for a second OC, but you must have rp'd as a canon for at least 5 months. You must also send a second app for this character!
7. Swapping OCs is discouraged, but if you feel you need to, please let us know by giving your old oc a "Goodbye" journal, and send in a new app (also tell us you're "dropping" your old OC). You are only allowed to swap twice, and not within about 3 months of each other.

RP Terms~

Canon: a character that is from the Mother series; if it's in the game, it's canon!
Major: an account that has a big role in the game; The main characters of the games (like Ninten or Jeff) and the main antagonists (like porky and Giygas) are all Major.
Minor: a character with a smaller role, and usually has less dialogue. These characters range from enemies (the spiteful crow, Dogfish, and so on) to minor characters in the game (like Tony and the Tazmily folk.)
OC: also known as 'original character', these are characters that are created by the rper. They can range from just about anything, considering how vast and unique the mother world can be.
OOC: not to be confused with 'OC,' OOC (out-of-character) is a method that is used to denote that the rper is talking, rather than the character they play. it's usually seen as two pairs of parenthesis (( )) surrounding the text.


The dictator and her friendssssssss...

Almighty Leader






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Okay guys, I blame myself for not thinking of this months event. I was lazy and tiered and I wanted to get the hell out of school.

Anyways, I want to get this group a lot more active. And I need to see who has been active and who hasn't.

So yes, a role call seems to be in order.
And please, I need ideas for events. Like now.

Crap, the role call ends on January 15. I don't know what day that is, I just picked a random number.



More Journal Entries

Account Lists and Availabilty

((note: looking for the chat? click here:… ))

Canon Apps are....OPEN!
OC Apps are....OPEN.

Mother :: Earthbound ZERO

Mother TWO :: Earthbound

Mother THREE :: Earthbound TWO

Original Characters :: Fan Characters

Characters that are open that have Accounts but we need to find the password for; if we don't have it, we'll have you make a new account for them after!!

Accounts that need to be checked to see if they are able to be 'ready accounts:'

Accounts that the password cannot be found of, but if an account is remade or the original owner is asked, the character is still available.

Accounts that are ready to be taken and the password is known.

The list was removed due to it being hard to keep track of who was available or not. Just refer to above please.

All Canon Characters used in this RP group are copyright to Shigesato Itoi,, and Nintendo
All Original Characters used are generally copyright to their respective creators, though certain elements from each may also belong to the above three copyright holders as well.


We affiliate with groups that either share our focus on roleplaying or our love of the Mother/EarthBound series.


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